These Five Samsung C-Lab Projects are Rethinking the Future

on September 2, 2016
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Great things can happen when we challenge the status quo. This is the kind of thinking Samsung encourages among its employees and has resulted in a range of pioneering technologies—many of which are on display at the Samsung Rethink Lounge at IFA 2016.


But what’s interesting about these specific technologies is that they aren’t actually Samsung products but rather projects of Samsung’s C-Lab, an internal program that aims to foster innovation at the company.


The five C-Lab projects selected to be showcased at IFA are each unique, but all have one thing in common—they all set out to rethink the way something is done. Whether it’s making a phone call, printing or viewing 3D imagery, they each take a fresh approach to completing everyday tasks, shattering expectations of how people approach technology in the process.




Viewing 3D video with 3D glasses has always been the norm. The problem with this, however, is that glasses are cumbersome and uncomfortable.


MOPIC takes a different approach. Through the use of a simple device that attaches to a phone much in the same way as a protective case, it enables 3D viewing on the go. No glasses necessary.


IFA 2016 C Lab Booth_MOPIC_Main_1_F




We’ve been printing on paper for years. And, recent technological developments have allowed us to 3D print tangible items. But what makes Prinker so different is its ability to print on human skin.


Users can select a design they wish to print from the Prinker Online Art Gallery app, or they can create their own using a Galaxy Note5 or Galaxy Note7 smartphone. The wireless mobile printer then transfers the design to the skin through direct contact using safe, non-toxic ink. The ink is water resistant and can last on the skin for up to two days, and can easily be removed with soap and water.


Prinker isn’t just rethinking printing; it’s also changing self-expression as we know it.


IFA 2016 C Lab Booth_PRINKER_Main_2_F




Entrim4D has a brand new take on virtual reality (VR). Their idea is to build on the current premise of VR, while injecting an additional layer of reality into the experience.


The device utilizes a conventional VR headset like Gear VR, along with a pair of headphones. These headphones work by using a combination of algorithms and Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation that send electric signals to a nerve in the ear. In short, the device tricks the part of the ear that regulates balance and motion. And, when that effect is synchronized with the action in a VR video, users feel it in a more realistic way.


IFA 2016 C Lab Booth_Entrim4D_Main_3




We all make phone calls; some of us make dozens of them every day.


But Sgnl is a smart strap that enables you to conveniently answer phone calls through your fingertip. All you need to do is simply place your fingertip to your ear while speaking through the embedded microphone. As a result, your phone can stay secure in your pocket or bag, out of sight from the rest of the world.


Sgnl is now live as a Kickstarter project.


IFA 2016 C Lab Booth_SGNL_Main_4




The WELT is a belt like no other. It measures your waistline and sends alerts when you overeat. It tracks the steps you take and the amount of time you’ve remained inactive, and provides actionable insights based on these measurements.

In addition, it offers a range of fashionable designs for both men and women, catering to a variety of tastes. It not only gives a new personal touch to wearables, but also has the ability to combat the global issue of obesity in a way never imagined before.


WELT, too, is also now a Kickstarter project.


IFA 2016 C Lab Booth_WELT_Main_5


These C-Lab projects are the kinds of ideas that shake up industries by offering something different. They take concepts we’re already familiar with and bring them to the next level.  Time will only tell what’s next for C-Lab, but as creativity and curiosity continues to be encouraged at Samsung, it’s sure to be something progressive.

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