One way to Draw with Galaxy Note 3

on February 11, 2014
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The beauty of the comic book is that we can connect different frames of the comic with our imaginations to complete the story, all in our head. We are able to live in the world that author presents through the characters and images. Therefore, comic books provide us an opportunity to experience someone else’s imagination through our imagination. We love reading comic books not only because it is fun, but it is also a creative process. Comic book lovers know all this, but have you ever wondered how these comic books are even drawn? 



Meet Ricardo Cabral, a Portuguese illustrator. He shows us how he drew the comic ‘Caso Doca 21’ book without a pen or paper on the street. Samsung Facebook Fans ( followed the creative process and story with daily sharing of the comic strips. Full comic available here:


Caso Doca 21’


If you’ve ever wondered how authors get their inspiration, Cabral found it all around him. It is said that his characters and situations in the” Caso Doca 21″ were inspired by real people and real landscapes. He conducted a spontaneous “casting” in the streets of Lisbon, Portugal, and used the Galaxy Note 3 to capture the images all around him.


the comic ‘Caso Doca 21’ book


Just as Ricardo uses it for his work, the Galaxy Note 3 is a handy tool for people who need to have spontaneous moments of inspiration or imagination.  With the right touch of creativity, the possibilities are endless with the Galaxy Note 3.    


" Caso Doca 21"


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