Samsung’s Design Philosophy (3): Adaptive and Engaging Design

on November 4, 2011
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What are the main goals of Samsung’s design? We had a chance to talk to 7 designers from Samsung Electronics. Firstly, Samsung pursues simple and intuitive design. Secondly, Samsung endeavors to create designs that are efficient and long-lasting. Lastly, Samsung designs are meant to be adaptive and engaging.



Samsung’s Design Philosophy
(1) Simple and Intuitive
(2) Efficient and Long-Lasting
(3) Adaptive and Engaging




The hallmark of Minhyouk’s design philosophy is innovation and newness from consumers’ point of view. As even users themselves often don’t know what they want or what they need, he believes it’s the designers’ job to find those points and create value.


He says, “Though designers always endeavor to inject their work with a fresh creative edge, they need to bear in mind that it should also be practical.” As far as Minhyouk is concerned, designing creative solutions is like presenting gifts to users.



Zipel Grande Style 840 clearly represents his unique design philosophy. Reflecting users’ growing preference of built-in appliances, the handles are conveniently built into the refrigerator door rather than protruding into the kitchen space, making for a seamless user experience.





Yeowan knows that the first impression is very very important. It is crucial for a product to captivate consumers at first glance. So he says that designers need to be very careful not to force their personal tastes, but rather explore customers’ needs and wants and then apply the designer’s unique philosophy to make it shine.



The Sleek Style laptops boast an aerodynamic, smooth feeling and refined lines, combining functional and emotional aspects of the product. Bringing bouncy curves into a world of flat square laptops.





Euihoon emphasizes the emotional value users perceive. Appearance is the first way design appeals to customers, but a positive experience will eventually lead to attachment to the product and ultimately a better valuation of Samsung’s brand.



When you try to take a timer-set picture without a prop to set the camera, it’s always hard to adjust the angle. This always bugged Euihoon. But one day he once came across a tilted image of a cocktail glass in a magazine and felt like the glass was whispering to him, “Drink me!” Hence the inspiration for a camera with a tilted bottom.



A 7 degree tilted base was chosen for ST550, giving the impression that it is always ready to take pictures for whoever has it in their possession. Its natural tilt design allows users to have a brand new experience with photo shoots, and stands in sharp contrast to more regimented, flat-bottomed camera designs.

Design is all about bringing something valuable into this world. Samsung calls it ‘Value Design’, its motto being: “Make it Meaningful!” Hope you enjoyed the 3-part series with 8 of our proud designers.

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