In the Kitchen with the Club des Chefs: Part 2

on June 21, 2015
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 In June 2013, Samsung created the Club des Chefs, inviting visionary chefs from around the world to share their unique perspectives on cooking and fresh ideas to design the most advanced kitchen appliances available. Together with Samsung’s innovative technology and the expertise of the worlds’ top culinary masters, Club des Chefs enables new possibilities for enjoying more nutritious, healthy eating and sharing special moments with family and friends.



Magnetic Knob for easy cleaning

In this three-part video series, two culinary masters, chefs Daniel Boulud and Eric Trochon, demonstrate how easy it is to recreate their favorite dishes using Samsung Chef Collection appliances.


Meet the Chef


Chef Eric Trochon is a founding member of Club des Chefs. Born and trained in France, he is the chef-owner of Semilla restaurant in Paris. Chef Trochon is considered a top professional in many roles, including chef, culinary consultant, food stylist and professor, at the widely-renowned culinary arts institute, Ferrandi Paris.


In 2011, chef Trochon was awarded the prestigious title of MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France, or “one of the best craftsmen in France”). This title is a rare and supreme honor given only to the best craftsmen of several skilled professions at the top of their careers, following a rigorous national competition. After winning the title of MOF, a recipient holds the title for the rest of their life.


Although chef Trochon is an expert and exceptional technician in traditional French culinary arts, he has a passion for exploring global cuisine. He is known for combining his expert techniques in French cuisine with flavors from around the world. Most recently, chef Trochon has taken interest in Korean cuisine, particularly focusing on bringing out the natural flavors of its ingredients. He believes that cooking for people is not only about offering the best quality food, but also offering the best food to feed the soul.




The Dish


In the following video, chef Trochon shares his classic French dessert, shortbread with grapefruit cream. The dessert preparation includes the shortbread, a grapefruit cream curd, pomelo pulp garnish and grapefruit and lemon juice glaze.


Watch as chef Trochon presents one of his favorite recipes using the Samsung Chef Collection:



The Recipe


The shortbread is made easily using flour, yeast, egg yolks, sugar, salt, soft butter, ginger powder and almond powder. After kneading dough, store in Samsung Chef Collection freezer to harden.

The cream is made of grapefruit juice, lemon juice and sugar. Curd is a preparation that usually includes dairy and an acidic liquid, such as lemon juice. For chef Trochon’s grapefruit cream curd, he uses custard powder, eggs and vanilla. After mixing, boil while whisking on Samsung Chef Collection Range to thicken. He finishes his cream curd with butter and gelatin. Place in a pastry pocket for easy application.


Next, peel the pomelo and separate the pulp for garnish. Set aside. Use Samsung Chef Collection Flex Duo Oven to bake the shortbread.


To prepare the glaze, julienne the grapefruit skin, immerse in water, bring to a boil and drain. Prepare a pan of syrup. Drop the drained julienne grapefruit skin in the syrup, cooking on a low simmer for 30 minutes. Let the syrup cool.


To plate, place your shortbread on a plate. Cover the shortbread with drops of grapefruit cream. Top with pomelo pulp. Garnish with candied glaze and fresh lime zest.




Club des Chef Tips and Tools


Chef Trochon starts with the freshest ingredients, stored in Samsung Chef Collection four door refrigerator. With chef-inspired features, the Chef Collection Refrigerator offers Precise Chef Cooling™ that minimizes temperature fluctuation in the fridge. Its Triple Cooling system features three evaporators that deliver different and accurate temperature settings and exceptional humidity control in all three compartments. The Chef Pan is able to transfer meals right into the oven and then to the WaterWall™ Dishwasher for easy cleaning. The Chef Collection Refrigerator also features Fridge-In-Freezer™, which allows the bottom right compartment to be used as a fridge or freezer for ultimate flexibility.


Chef Trochon also used the slide-in FlexDuo™ oven-range. With a digitized control panel, the FlexDuo™ oven includes a Smart Divider that allows the user to cook two dishes separately at different temperatures, with no noticeable transfer of aroma or taste. The range features Virtual Flame Technology™, a first for induction ranges. This gives users better visual cues for easier cooking.


All pieces of the Samsung Chef Collection series were designed to work together, with inspiration from the world’s top chefs to make creating culinary masterpieces at home a reality for all.


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