[Interview] Younghee Lee, CMO of Samsung Electronics, Discusses the Intelligence of Things, a New Era of Connectivity

on January 11, 2018
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At CES 2018, Samsung Electronics’ press conference and exhibition booth had an entirely new look and feel. Unlike years past, where the company focused on announcing individual products, this year’s booth setup and press activities were designed to show a unifying concept that illustrates how the seamless connectivity of Samsung devices enables consumers to live smarter and more convenient lives.


Younghee Lee, CMO of Samsung Electronics, sat down with Samsung Newsroom to elaborate on the new theme and discuss the reasons for the changes.



Q. The design of Samsung’s CES booth as well as the format of its press conference are very different this year. Can you tell us a bit more about the new concept?


Lee: We call our CES exhibition concept this year, ‘Samsung City 2020,’ and it was realized by further developing our concept of ‘Samsung Town’ introduced at IFA last September. Through this theme, we hope to demonstrate how an open IoT platform and AI technologies can add new value to consumers’ lives in their homes, offices and entertainment spaces.


We also aim to illustrate the progress of Samsung’s 2020 IoT blueprint. Originally outlined at CES 2015, we will show how we plan to further advance IoT and intelligence by the year 2020.



Q. Samsung’s global press conference illustrated the company’s vision and willingness to provide an integrated experience through AI and IoT. What was the main focus of this new approach?


Lee: There are differing views regarding the future of IoT and AI in the industry, but Samsung is uniquely positioned to democratize IoT for everyone. We are the global consumer electronics leader across many categories – from TVs to home appliances and mobile devices – and linking those products through the leading open and connected IoT platform, SmartThings, will usher in a new era of connectivity.


To differentiate our strengths and values in IoT, we wanted to demonstrate the seamless connections of our products in front of thousands of media and attendees at CES.



Q. Samsung Electronics has a wide range of businesses. Do they share the same vision?


Lee: We unveiled our brand philosophy video at CES. As we continue to embrace what we call the Intelligence of Things, all our business divisions will work more closely together than ever before. This will not only strengthen the value of their products to consumers, but also ensure that all our products are able to connect seamlessly.


This will not come without its challenges, but Samsung’s DNA has always been focused on the spirit of challenge and innovation. As our IoT-related business divisions share the same goals, I’m confident that we will achieve success through collaboration.


From a marketing perspective, we will continue to communicate our unified vision. Our slogan, “Do What You Can’t,” is not only our message to consumers but also a promise to ourselves. We hope that Samsung customers will recognize our efforts as we work toward this goal.



Q. Can you tell us about Samsung’s performance last year? As CMO of Samsung Electronics, how would you describe the company’s blueprint for the future?


Lee: Last year, Samsung Electronics ranked No. 6 on Interbrand’s “Best Global Brands 2017” list, while the brand’s value reached $56.2 billion – a 9 percent increase from the previous year. We are incredibly thankful for the continued loyalty and support of our customers, a primary reason we are able to maintain our brand position.


This year, we hope to make another leap forward by showcasing how the seamless connection of Samsung’s products can unlock unlimited possibilities and enhance consumers’ lives in so many ways.


As new technologies are constantly developed to meet the evolving needs of consumers, Samsung’s brand philosophy remains focused on people, while our products are created with the aim of helping them realize their dreams. Going forward, Samsung will not only be a leading ‘human global brand’ but a beloved brand, as well.

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