[Video] Samsung at CES in 360 Degrees

on January 7, 2016
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Samsung presents 360-degree videos from its exhibit at CES in Las Vegas, giving people an unprecedented look at the world’s leading consumer technology show. Now everyone can get an immersive look at the annual showcase dedicated to the latest in electronics, exploring the hall freely in all directions, as if they were actually there.


The first video was taken from the Visual Display zone at the Samsung booth.



This video was taken from the Monument zone, the entrance of the Samsung exhibition area.



You can explore the Mobile Zone in this video, including special sections for the Gear VR and Gear S2.



This video shows visitors crowding into the SmartThings zone, checking out a BMW, smart suits and other SmartThings partnerships.



In the videos below, you can check out the view from all the major areas of the Samsung exhibit at CES, including Visual Displays, Home Appliances and the Wireless Audio area.





To give you a clear view of the exhibits, without all the crowds, here are two more 360-degree videos—of the Future TV area and the soundbar area—taken from empty rooms.


For a different look at the Samsung exhibit, you can also check out this aerial video shot from a drone.


For more information about CES 2016, please visit our exclusive page #SAMSUNGxCES2016

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